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Connecting students to colleges

Connecting students to colleges through our advanced web application, Vedu helps students produce and share video essays simply and securely with the colleges on their wish list.

Global to local

Vedu can help international admission and education professionals with communication innovation at home and abroad. It’s about fit.

Easy, secure, fun

In a national survey of more than 1,800 college-bound high school students, 82% of rising seniors said they would like to be able to express themselves beyond the written application.

Let's talk about you!

Vedu supports everyone with engaging, simple and secure tools to enhance the admissions process — and get the results you want!


Show the schools at the top of your wish list who you really are and let them see your passion, energy and interests up close.

High School

Help your students stand out from the crowd and get in to their top-ranked colleges.


Meet students up-close when an interview isn't possible, or when a second look could make all the difference.


Personalize the process and provide your students and schools an edge on determining fit.

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In less than two minutes, Aylia simply rocks it. No bells or whistles, just her story.

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Leaders in college application innovation

Vedu's visionary partners have anticipated the need for greater flexibility, authenticity and engagement during the college search process and responded with innovative adoption of video technology to enhance the application process. Not only have they embraced Vedu's easy, secure and flexible tools, they continue to offer invaluable insight and practical recommendations to ensure Vedu is ever-responsive to partner needs.

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